Shortening CustomCommand development time by using a proxy

One of the most time-consuming processes when developing with Hexagon G/Technology is creating custom commands. The usual development approach consists of the following iterative process: During testing, only limited changes to the source code are allowed by the Visual Studio Edit and Continue function, effectively requiring multiple iterations of this sequence. The process of starting… Read More »

A Multilevel Responsive Blazor-menu

When you generate a Blazor-server app or Webassembly the standard template generates a menu docked to the left which is responsive, but has some drawbacks : It doesn’t support multiple levels It depends on bootstrap which introduces additional complexity Menu-items are hardcoded Webapplications need a flexible way enabling multilevel-, responsive menus, the standard template is… Read More »

Specialized ViewComponents

Suppose you want to introduce an inheritance chain in ASP.Net Core to use some businesslogic in a baseclass : ViewComponentSpecialized.Detail renders like this : If you invoke this viewcomponent you get an exception : ASP.Net core requires an ‘Invoke’-method on every ViewComponent-specialized class, even if it is not directly called. Solution is to introduce this… Read More »

Configuring Webservice endpoints in a .Net Core Webapplication

If you need to invoke a WCF-Soap compliant Webservice from an ASP.Net application, the endpoints for it are stored in the Web.Config: If you need to invoke the same Webservice from an ASP.Net Core application, there is no Web.Config and you need to store the endpoints in an applicationSettings.json file. The following applicationSettings.json file introduces… Read More »

Sorting and merging geometries in Oracle Spatial

Consider a requirement where an unsorted set of geometries needs to be merged into a single geometry. Take for instance the following set of geometries where: a Red dot indicates the startpoint The arrow indicates the drawing direction The label “1-50” indicates the order of drawing and an identifier for the geometry Both of these… Read More »


The SDO_GEOM.VALIDATE_GEOMETRY_WITH_CONTEXT function fails for 3D Compound line strings geometries as discussed over here. This is illustrated by the following sample: 2d: produces: While the same geometry in 3d is considered invalid: A Quick workaround for this is to convert the geometry to 2d: result: hope this helps, Stephan

Invalid Fiber Couplers

Fiber Couplers are used to connect Fiber Inner Ducts in a Fiber Branch Enclosure. You can connect Fiber Inner Ducts using the Fiber Feature Editor by selecting the two Fiber Inner Ducts and choosing the ‘Couple’-icon : This will connect the 2 selected Fiber Inner ducts using a Fiber Coupler. After coupling the Fiber Inner… Read More »