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  1. Vijay

    Hi Stephen,

    First of all wish you very Happy New Year!!

    I have a query – I hope you can give me some feedback if this is possible or give me some high level idea how it could be achieved.

    In G/Tech, we have two connections. Both the connections (from separate databases) have separate DDC folders.

    My requirement is – in the placement routine for some of the primary connection features, prompt user to identify features from second connection and store its g3e_fid with the active feature being placed.

    I believe this will need custom placement command development, where one method will prompt user to identify feature (on second connection) on the map. Note that in the workspace the legends are loaded in the specific order. The first primary connection legend was added first and then the secondary connection legend.

    What I found was using the IGTLocateService.Locate, the second connection feature could not be read, it was only reading the primary connection feature.

    I would like to know if this is possible? Is it possible to identify and read from the second connection?

    Do let me know if this can be achieved, if so give some feedback how it could be.

    Best regards,



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