I’m Stephan Deckers I work at Merkator and specialize in Intergraph’s G/Technology software. I have 7 years of experience with FRAMME, the predecessor of G/Technology but then changed to developing backoffice software, websites and mobile solutions using Microsoft technology. After a while I went back to Intergraph software and FRAMME had been replaced by G/Technology. At that time, the web was your main source of information, ‘google is your friend’ except when it came to Intergraph Technology.

This blog is trying to change that.

My email adress is Stephan.Deckers@merkator.com.

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  1. bnewfelt

    I applaud your effort to make information available on Intergraph G/technology. There is an official Intergraph forum for G/technology & Framme, but it does not have a lot of traffic. I hope this blog will be better utilized for that purpose.

  2. Cory

    Hi Stephan,

    I too think that what you are doing is terrific. There doesn’t seem to be much else out there, and the Intergraph forums don’t have much information or traffic. Back in the FRAMME days, I worked with the Utilicoms User Group executive to put together the Delphi Forums FRAMME forum and that was fairly successful IMHO – up until Delphi Forums tried to monetize their product by selling subscriptions. Coinciding with Delphi’s policy change, Intergraph wanted to host their own forum tools, so I stepped back. It makes me wonder what ever became of the regular visitors to my forum…

    What puzzles me is how another company could be infringing on the “G/Technology” brand (https://www.facebook.com/GTechnology). I would have thought that Intergraph would have locked that Trademark up – but maybe not??

    Anyway, good job and hopefully the traffic to your blog grows.

    1. Ralph Diment

      RE: registered names. Intergraph G/Technology® is the registered product name.
      Registering brand names is complex and varies country-by country. In some you have to demonstrate uniqueness and ownership, in others it’s just a case of being first to register the name. Similar challenges exist for defending use. Unlike domain names, for brands you only register one name, so unless someone is using exactly your brand, you might not be able to stop it, especially if they’ve been using it a while – have you come across Intergraph Corporation, a printing business in Florida, or GeoMedia Magazine? :o)

  3. sandeep

    How to ask a query on this forum…
    Need help on gtech electric data model.


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