3 thoughts on “A would like to have G/Technology development environment

  1. Geoff

    Thanks for your blogs.
    I agree setting up G/Tech metadata is a complicated exercise although I do find the Help files to be very comprehensive.
    Active forums would be great, especially more sharing from Ingr employees in particular about product architectural & features directions. I have made a few posts on the various Ingr forums over the years but they have little useful content.

    Cheers from Australia

  2. Stephan Deckers Post author

    Hi Geoff, I agree that forums would be great. I just added 3 google groups for just that. See the forum link.

    cheers, Stephan

  3. James

    I seem to have difficulty finding any information online about GTechology except for sales pitches and updates on the new features. Other than this site, I have not found any information online about the support and/or development of GTechnology. I thought the Help Files where good, then I started looking up API information.


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