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Shortening CustomCommand development time by using a proxy

One of the most time-consuming processes when developing with Hexagon G/Technology is creating custom commands. The usual development approach consists of the following iterative process: During testing,…

Invoking Oracle Spatial from a Custom Command

Consider a requirement where the centroid of a set of points needs to be retrieved within a custom command. This can be achieved using the ‘GTDataProvider.DataContext.Execute‘-method:

Rubberbanding in G/Technology

Whenever a user is digitizing a polygon, he expects feedback when moving the cursor before actually adding a point, the system should ‘rubberband’ the position under the…


Sorting and merging geometries in Oracle Spatial

Consider a requirement where an unsorted set of geometries needs to be merged into a single geometry. Take for instance the following set of geometries where: a…

Invalid Fiber Couplers

Fiber Couplers are used to connect Fiber Inner Ducts in a Fiber Branch Enclosure. You can connect Fiber Inner Ducts using the Fiber Feature Editor by selecting…

Fiber Cables

AdHoc Queries

Introduction G/Technology provides functionality to run dynamic queries, the so called ‘Ad-Hoc queries’. A Large telecom provider in the Netherlands is moving Fiber Cables from CRAMER to…

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